Digital solutions for the software driven world of IOT and Cloud.

CovrEdge enables you to maximize revenue growth per asset, automate revenue recognition and subscription billing, reduce entitlement leakage, and manage royalty settlements.




CovrEdge is built on Salesforce1. As a cloud based solution, CovrEdge provides companies with an easy to access portal to monitor and monetize subscription billing, recurring revenue, returns logistics, and liability.

  • Do you know what your customers are entitled to for warranty returns?
  • Are you delivering the right services to your subscription based customers?
  • Royalty exposure and payment management not monitored?
  • Are you monitoring and monitizing your license enablements with preset workflows and approvals?
  • Do you have usage based billing and no way to monitor and bill accordingly?

If you are facing any of these challenges, CovrEdge is right for you.
Getting started with CovrEdge is easy!

Unlock New Revenue

Drive New for your Products and Assets

  • Manage Revenue Streams
  • Proactive Entitlement and Renewals
  • Enforce License Compliance
  • Adhere to Revenue Recognition
  • Reduce Liability Exposures
  • Recognize, Renew and Return Assets
Subscription & Recurring Revenue
Revenue Recognition Management
Royalty Exposure & Payment Management

IoT is Materially Disruptive, Impacting 6% of the
Global Economy by 2020, Thus Leading to Revenues of


Additional Revenues
Revenues can be attributed to the sale of IoT software, hardware & services


Revenue Redistributed
Revenues realized within the economy that will move from one player to another


Value to Customers
Reduction in costs driven by IoT that will be realized by customers


Improved Productivity
Increase in productivity per unit of cost, enabled by IoT

CovrEdge is an insight-driven license and entitlement management (LEM) solution that monitors and identifies assets throughout the value chain. It creates new revenue opportunities, empowers service organizations, improves customer experience, and tracks key metrics in real time from existing assets.

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